Saturday, April 7, 2007

Harry's Spring Run-off

At 10AM this morning, Darcy, Amanda, and I faced the blistering cold (-13 C, in April!) and ran the 8K Harry's Spring Run-off in High Park. Every year, it seems that the winter weather makes a comeback just for this race (two years ago it was raining slush). Amanda and I ran together the entire way, which really pushed me to go faster and I came in at over 2 minutes better than last year. Yay!

My favourite part is after the race when you feel so proud of yourself and free to indulge in food. After stuffing our bags with free Gatorade, juice, cookies, bagels, apples, and bananas, we made our way to Falafel World at Bloor and Jane and had the most delicious chicken shawarma pita sandwiches -- light, floury pita stuffed with marinated, roasted chicken, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, and topped with garlic and hot sauces. To die for. And they're only $5.

After the shawarmas, we went next door to Anna's Bakery and Deli and bought enormous turnovers. Darcy and I got cherry ones and Amanda choose the apple. They were the size of club sandwiches. Everything at this bakery was large and voluptuous. No delicate, tiny confections here. Sorry I don't have pictures. I didn't want to bring my camera to the race.

Darcy and I are now back in our warm apartment with a movie, beer (for Darcy), and two huge cherry turnovers. I love post-race laziness. After we ran the Toronto Half Marathon in October, we rented 4 movies and ordered a pizza and a bucket of chicken. Happy Easter everyone.

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