Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sorry, Michael

My sincerest apologies for not blogging for almost 2 months! Michael, are you still there? My good friend Michael has been a faithful reader and I may have lost him due to my laziness. It was part laziness and part feeling uninspired, but not blogging makes me feel even worse so I'm trying to pick it up again.

Between when I left off until now, I ran the Scotiabank Half Marathon (and made some bad pre-race meal choices), went home to Halifax for Thanksgiving, and ate a lot of great food. Even though I haven't been blogging, I still took pictures so I'll try to catch you up on the best of everything I saw and ate in September and October.


Dana said...

hey - you have another dedicated reader! just subscribed to the feed, so will be reading along! hope we have some blog-worthy meals when you are here in boston. :) dana

k-chan said...

Aw, thanks Dana. I'm so glad to hear it. I will definitely blog while in Boston. I hope I won't drive you and Jack crazy with all the picture-taking.