Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

A quick list of some of my favourites from 2008:
  1. Sushi chez Mom and Dad: Toro, maguro, shrimp, scallops, cucumber.

  2. Omakase at Hiro Sushi

  3. Pastrami sandwich at Katz's Deli, NYC

  4. Guacamole at Rosa Mexicano, NYC

  5. Chocolate iced cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, NYC

  6. Veda's Choice at Mildred's Temple Kitchen

  7. Dim sum at New Treasure Restaurant

  8. Venison pate sandwich and arugula pesto pasta from All the Best Fine Foods

  9. Vegetarian squid at Simon's Wok

  10. Bozena Shero at Lalibela

  11. Roast Pork at Bassell's, Niagara Falls

  12. Udon chez Mom and Dad

  13. Scallop pasta chez Mom and Dad

  14. Pumpkin pie and blueberry grunt at Darcy's folks

  15. Ham and cheese sandwiches chez Mom and Dad

  16. Lobster salad sandwich chez Mom and Dad

  17. Pork tenderloin, baked potato with sour cream and bacon, and mushroom risotto made by Darcy

  18. My own grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on sourdough with an egg over easy

  19. Grilled lobster sandwiches at Eat to the Beat

  20. Pulled pork from Carolina Rib King at Burlington Ribfest

  21. Momos from Kathmandu Restaurant at Tasty Thursdays

  22. Chorizo Hash at The Kitchen

  23. Garden Maki at The Kitchen

  24. Banana and Jack at The Kitchen

  25. Chocolate mousse at Lil Baci

  26. Crab at the Smiths' on Fogo Island

  27. Dessert dim sum at Susur

  28. Crispy fishies at Meze

  29. Fish and chips at Kingsway Fish and Chips

  30. Pork thingie at excellent restaurant in Markham that Ming took us to

  31. Mildred Pierce potluck at Diane's

  32. Fries at Phil's BBQ

  33. Blueberry pancake, turkey bacon, and hash browns by Darcy

  34. Ragu at Mangia e Bevi

  35. Tiramisu and bacetti at Mangia e Bevi

  36. Taro puffs at Restaurant Lotte, Montreal

  37. Mixed plate at Mazurka, Montreal

  38. Homemade ham, cheese, basil panini, tomato salad, and buttercup squash soup at Koto's, Montreal

  39. Toaste and poutine from Frites Dorees, Montreal

  40. Tamago sushi at Ematei


Shell said...

Next time you go to "chez mom and dad" can I come please?

Mary Lynn said...

Ooh! I went to Rosa Mexicano years ago. Nice to hear their guacamole is still great.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...Can I come over to Mom & Dad's for sushi, please?