Sunday, September 2, 2007

Montreal Part 7: Monkland Avenue and the end of our list! Can you believe it?

Monkland Avenue: Funky street away from the crowds

On Friday morning, we went to Monkland Avenue, which is fun street with lots of restaurants, cafes, and shops that is close to NDG (Darcy's old neighbourhood). We went there to to meet up with Gail, his former co-worker and see her new baby. We were originally supposed to go to St. Viateur Bagel and Cafe, but it was really crowded, so we chickened out and just had beverages at Second Cup. I had no idea that St. Viateur had any additional locations, nevermind one so far west. I read a little on their web site and I guess they opened this location in 2001, which was after Darcy and I moved to Toronto. Damn. It would have been so convenient.

Villa du Souvlaki: Can't get enough

After saying goobye to Gail, we walked south and ended up back in NDG, dangerously close to Villa du Souvlaki. It's hard to believe, but other than poutine at Lafleur, we had gone to every place on our list (things to eat in Mtl). So, why not go to Villa again for souvlaki? This time we got takeout and I had a chance to clandestinely photograph the menu and hours. I think that I'm going to try to start posting menus and hours of operation because restaurants with the best food usually don't have web sites. We had chicken pitas (no onions) and fries as usual and as usual, it was sublime. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Restaurant Furama Lotte: A decent dinner

That evening, since we were at the end of our list, we thought we'd try something new and go to Restaurant Lotte Furama (our favourite dim sum place) for dinner. We'd been there a million times for dim sum, but never for dinner. We weren't that imaginative with our choices (Cantonese chow mein, Chinese broccoli, and Kung Pao chicken), so we might not have seen the place in its best light, but we were a bit underwhelmed. The Kung Pao was very sweet instead of spicy and had lots of filler (celery, carrots, and cashews), but very little chicken. All the ingredients were fresh and the service was attentive and efficient. I think we were so used to having our socks blown off at every meal that we were a little disappointed, but overall it's a good place. And right across the street from my sister's. She's so lucky.

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Anonymous said...

oh the VILLA DU SOUVLAKI in N.D.G that place is the best souvlaki in town and at a good price there is a british guy there and he make the best pitas and is realy fast. it is also good with kids and baby friendly not like some stores where you cant even get in to or get around and the old man will always give you a seat with a smile i love that place