Monday, September 3, 2007

Montreal Part 9: To Sum Up

VIA: Delayed, as usual

Well, the final day finally came and we left kicking and screaming. We departed on a train that was supposed to leave before noon, but ended up shoving off an hour late, so we got 50% off a ticket to Montreal that is good for the next 6 months. Yay!

Bahn mi: Sandwiches to go

Before boarding, we made one last food stop at Epicerie Thien Phat to get some bahn mi for the trip. I wanted to sample all the other kinds so we got one of each: chicken, beef, and pork. The chicken and beef ones both had char-grilled meat in them, so they're quite different from the pork one that is made with a spam-like sausage. They were all delicious and spicy, but if I had to pick, I'd take the pork.

Goodbye, Montreal. Goodbye, Sophie

It was a wonderful 9 days and nights in Montreal and I'd love to do it again. We got very attached to the city as well as my sister's kitty, Sophie. Maybe next summer we'll plan a trip for the week that spans both the jazz and comedy festivals.

The List

In case you wanted to know what was on our list of must-eat places in Montreal, here it is:

  1. Cafe Santropol: Triple-decker sandwiches (the Plateau)
    3990 rue St-Urbain @ ave. Duluth, 514-842-3110

  2. The Blue Nile: Eithopian (the Plateau)
    3706 rue St-Denis @ ave. des Pins, 514-285-4628

  3. Restaurant Lafleur: Poutine (the Plateau)
    3620 rue St-Denis @ Square St-Louis, 514-848-1804

  4. Restaurant Lotte Furama: Dim Sum (Chinatown)
    1115 rue Clark @ boul. Rene-Levesque Ouest, 514-393-3838

  5. Pho Bac: Pho (Chinatown)
    1016 boul. St-Laurent @ rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest, 514-393-8116

  6. Epicerie Thien Phat: Vietnamese subs (Chinatown)
    1084 boul. St-Laurent @ rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest, 514-875-7929

  7. Restaurant Mazurka: Polish food (the Plateau)
    64 rue Prince-Arthur Est @ rue St-Dominique, 514-844-3539

  8. Restaurant Amir: Shish taouk (many locations across Montreal)

  9. Villa du Souvlaki: Souvlaki (NDG)
    5347 rue Sherbrooke Ouest @ ave. Prud'homme, 514-489-2039

  10. Andalos Bakery: Lebanese pizza (Ville Saint Laurent)
    266 boul. LeBeau @ rue Benjamin-Hudon, 514-856-0983

  11. Schwartz's Deli: Smoked meat (the Plateau)
    3895 boul. St-Laurent @ rue Napoleon, 514-842-4813

  12. Cafe Frappe: Nice patio for a drink (the Plateau)
    3900 boul. St-Laurent @ rue Napoleon, 514-289-9462

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