Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TTC is conspiring against me

What have I ever done to the TTC? I'm usually a stauch supporter of the TTC since it is normally clean, convenient, and eco-friendly, but why is it that when you need it most, it leaves you crying by the roadside?

This morning, I dragged my snowboard to work at 7AM because I wanted to leave early and take the good old TTC to Earl Bales Park for an evening of snow fun. As per fate, I left my house just in time to see a bus cruising by my stop. Since they are usually 10 minutes apart, I waited. And waited and waited, and it turned out that an entire bus was missing, so by the time I got on it, it was crowded to the rafters. When I finally got to the subway 40 minutes after leaving my place, which is only a 20-minute walk away, there was a power failure at Jane station so Runnymede looked like Yonge and Bloor at rush hour. After waiting another 20 minutes, I finally got on, but of course all the way down the line people were squishing in until the car bulged. Once we got to St. George, I managed to get off, but there was no way I was getting on Southbound on the Yonge University line. I took the subway back one station to Spadina, got on there, and then rode it until the bitter end at King Station 1-1/2 hours after stepping out the door this morning. I know everyone in the car was fuming inside wondering why this girl has a snowboard on the train during rush hour. I give up.

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