Monday, February 4, 2008

Blogging Delinquent Getting Help

Again, I must issue an apology for not blogging for so long. I've been faithfully taking pictures, but have gotten really lazy with writing because I'm maintaining a separate blog for my personal trainer. Each day I keep a detailed food diary and I post pictures of everything I eat. At the end of the year, I imagine that I'll have amassed a wall full of pictures that I can put together and have an exhibition like Dean Baldwin's Attempt at Inventory, which is a collection of photos of everything he ate in 2006. Only my pictures aren't as pretty.

I hope to catch you up on some of the great food I've had in the past few months. In addition, I've asked a couple of my food-loving friends to write guest posts so that you can get some more content. The first will be by my friend Ayngelina who is a fellow Nova Scotian and was my co-worker back in 1998 when we did student work terms in the Communications department at the Canadian Space Agency aka Worst Job Ever (at least for me). I'm also hoping Darryl and Marcelo will do one too, but no pressure, guys!

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