Monday, March 3, 2008

Dim Sum at Restaurant Lotte Furama, again

We had such a good experience yesterday that we went again this morning, but we took the opportunity to try different things. If you're planning on going, note that Sunday is much busier than Saturday so you should plan to arrive before 11AM. We got there early enough to not have to wait, but they stuck us in the corner away from the cart traffic. If this happens to you, insist on a better table.

So, here are some of the things we tried today:

Rice Rolls with Beef
We usually get the shrimp rice rolls, so today we tried the beef ones for the first time. The filling is similar to that in siu mai -- minced beef mixed with ginger. It was delicious. I'll have a hard time from now on picking between these and the shrimp ones.

Siu Mai
Siu Mai (pork dumplings) are not new to us, but we didn't have room for them yesterday. They were a generous size with a small amount of minced shrimp and a tiny carrot dice on top. They were fantastic.

Tripe in Ginger-Chili Sauce
I usually get the thinly sliced, delicate tripe with julienned carrots and ginger, which I love. This tripe was thicker and cut into large pieces with a slightly spicy chili and ginger sauce. Tripe can be terrible if it's cooked badly, but this was tender and delicious. A few years ago, I tried to introduce some friends to dim sum tripe and sadly that time it was really awful. They still talk about it and they'll never try it again. But, trust me, it's good.

They serve dim sum every day at Restaurant Lotte Furama, so I bet we'll go at least once more before we leave. Yum.

Restaurant Lotte Furama
1115 rue Clark
Montreal, QC
Web site: None
Menus: None

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