Saturday, March 1, 2008

Save Frites Dorées!

Tonight we picked up 'hotdog toastés all dress' and poutines from Frites Dorées, which is just around the corner at St. Laurent and René Lévesque. Before we left, I was Googling and discovered that all the businesses on this strip of St. Laurent are closing to make room for a complex containing office space, fair trade/organic shops, cafes, and bars. Booooooo. This type of gentrification is going on everywhere in Toronto as well (Liberty Village, Parkdale) and while it will attract more foot traffic and money to the area, it's sad to see saucy spots like Cafe Cleopatra (where I saw my first live drag show) and Frites Dorées with it's long orange counter and sepia-coloured photos of burgers and poutine replaced by something depressing like a software company.

Hotdog Toasté All Dress
Since we were just steps away, we got takeout that was expertly packaged in a shoebox-sized box and brought it back to my sister's place. The hotdogs were awesome. I'd never had a 'toasté' before, but it tastes like a cross between a hotdog and a grilled cheese sandwich. All of the condiments were packed inside and the whole thing was put in a panini-like press until the bun was crispy and golden. After all the years I spent living in Montreal, I'd never had a hotdog with the 'chou', which is a finely shredded and lightly pickled cabbage. Delicious.

The poutine was made with fresh cut fries, chunky cheese curds, and tangy gravy. I don't know what it is about poutine gravy that makes it burn your throat, but it hurts so good. I definitely got my poutine fix and more. Word on the street is that Frites Dorées will vacate by the end of the month, so go now.

Frites Dorées
1212 boul St. Laurent @ René Lévesque
Montreal, QC
Web site: None
Menu: None

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