Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Anyone notice that Winterlicious is enormous this year? I counted 149 restaurants. I guess we can thank the economic slowdown. Best of luck to those places who are charging $45 for dinner. I've cooled off of Winter and Summerlicious over the past couple of years, but a really good place to go is beerbistro. The food is excellent, the portions are generous, and they've kept their prices low ($15 lunch; $25 dinner).

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there is winterlicious... like every year...

For something exciting, I came across an event I think you, a foodie, would be interested in.


The event is called ecoSUAVE 2009 and it's scheduled for Feb. 21 from 8pm til midnight. It's a sampling show where they will have food and drinks that are locally and sustainably produced.

It should be fun! =)