Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bloor Jane Restaurant, what kept us apart?

Darcy and I had intentions of going to Yama for lunch, but it was closed so we went to Bloor Jane Restaurant and had such an amazing breakfast/lunch. I've been living in Bloor West Village for 8 years and I'm ashamed to say that this was my first time. Darcy went ages ago when Todd lived in the neighbourhood, but not since then.

It's a typical diner run and owned by John Kourogiorgas since 1972. The restaurant itself has been there since the 5os. Everything about it is really old school and comforting like the long counter for single diners facing the grill area where you can watch all the food getting prepared at lightning speed.

Darcy had the club sandwich ($9.50) and I had peameal bacon with two eggs over easy. My eggs came with hash browns and two slices of buttery brown toast with jam. No idea how he cooks the eggs so perfectly. Completely runny inside. Darcy's sandwich was awesome and the fries were fantastic. I can't wait to go again.


tva said...

I effing LOVE the Bloor-Jane. I've had many a great breakfast there. Soooooo good, so cheap, so yes!

Rugi said...

One of the best places for a breakfast fry up. I have been there twice in the past few months. Great recommendation.

Costas Perdicaris said...

Hi Kaori

Thanks for the nice plug!

Bloor Jane is home and it's nice to know people like you appreciate the work that goes into running the Diner.

And like Cy Sperling (Hair Club For Men) famously said..."I am not just a part-time busboy at Bloor Jane but I am also a customer with a voracious appetite for sausages and eggs"!!!

Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Love the Bloor Jane Restaurant and saw the recent post on TripAdvisor 2014.

Great Food & Friendly Service keeps drawing customers back.

37 plus yrs in the business really says it all.

Thank you for serving the people well.