Saturday, February 7, 2009

I love RaviSoups

So, I am once again mayor of Luckytown because my company moved right next door to RaviSoups on Adelaide West at John. The chef and owner is a former sous from Mildred Pierce, so everything has that same attention to detail, quality, and perfection. I haven't fallen for a place so hard in a long time. I went on Thursday this week and I had to tie myself down so I wouldn't go again on Friday.

They have a small menu of about 5 soups and 5 wraps, both in the neighbourhood of $9, but you can get a soup and wrap combo for $11 that includes a smaller version of both. I had the corn chowder with crab garnish (real crab!) and the roasted pork wrap. The soup was smooth, spicy, and hearty. The wrap was full of shredded pork with some great "RaviSlaw" inside, which has real pineapple in it.

My friend Jessica had the wild mushroom soup with the curried lamb wrap. The soup was full of chunks mushrooms and the wrap was so vibrant and beautiful with the dark, savoury lamb, green spinach, roasted yam, and edamame.

This place is so great and affordable. They're open from 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday and they have "Happy Hour" on Fridays between 5-6PM where everything is half price.


Jessie said...

totally agree about Ravi. I work across the street and it is SO good. I can't imagine going to any other wrap place.

Anonymous said...

Ravi Soups is awesome. I just blogged about this place as well! Very tasty!