Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love Studio Brillantine in Parkdale

Yesterday, on my way home, I needed to pick up some birthday cards so I popped into Studio Brillantine at 1518 Queen West at Fuller (near Sorauren). They used to be located further east near Dovercourt, but have been at the new premises for some time now.

A few years back, my sister and I went in because we couldn't find the David Kaye Gallery. We spent close to an hour looking at the cards and asphxiating because we were laughing so hard, especially at the fomato ones. This was my absolute favourite.

Aside from cards, the shop is full of amazing little everyday objects, exceptionally designed. It reminds me of the Japanese design exhibit I went to see at the Design Exchange all those years ago. They also have great kitsch things, like Barbapapa paraphernalia. Ferdinand Suzara, who I think is the owner and curator, is the sweetest. If you need a gift, card, or a little pick-me-up present for yourself, it's the perfect place.