Monday, September 27, 2010

Omakase at Yuzu

This is a super belated post about the breathtaking omakase I had in late April with mom at my favourite restaurant, Yuzu, at Adelaide and Duncan. The nine courses below were an impossible $70/person, which included two servings of toro each. How is this possible?

First Course: Oyster shooter with ponzu, quail egg, and uni. This is much less scarier than it seems. It tastes like the ocean.

Second Course: Okra stuffed with sea bream, rapini wrapped with napa cabbage, and miso duck breast. Like little savoury petit fours.

Third Course: Chawanmushi. Smooth and comforting.

Fourth Course: Toro and sea bream. The gold foil was perfectly a propos.

Fifth Course: Clear seafood soup. Beautifully clean with generous amounts of seafood.

Sixth Course: Breaded lamb. We were encouraged to pick it up by the tin-foiled handle and gnaw the meat off the bone.

Seventh Course: Sushi. I can't remember the two on the left, but the two on the right are amaebi and toro (again!).

Eighth Course: Gindara black cod with miso on magnolia leaf.

Ninth Course: Sake cheesecake. This was fantastic. I ate mine and most of mom's.

Yuzu is just too good to be true. I could eat there every day. For the omakase, make reservations at least one day in advance; otherwise, you can usually just walk in.