Monday, May 14, 2007

Attempt at Inventory - Dean Baldwin

I heard about this food photography exhibit in the Taste TO blog, and I was dying to go but I was busy leading up to this weekend and the show closed on Saturday. After lunch today, we peeked in the gallery window and the show was still up! And the windows were so big that we could pretty much see everything. Yay!

The show was called 'Attempt at Inventory'. Dean Baldwin (Toronto-based artist) tried to take a picture of everything he ate in 2006. Instead of grouping the photos chronologically, he organized them by type so all the bowls of cereal with blueberries were clustered together as were the noodle soups, pizza, etc. The effect of all those photographs side by side was so beautiful.

Last year at Doors Open, Darryl, Diane and I saw another photo collection by him hanging in the Gladstone Hotel called 'Food I left in the Fridge Too Long' or something like that and it was actually as the title says. It was so interesting to look at the different moulds and growths, and when you backed up and just looked at the whole, it was really pretty.

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