Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ontario Ribfests

Update: The Google calendar was updated for 2010, but not the text below it.

Since we love the Toronto Ribfest so much we wanted to go to more but couldn't find one web site that listed them all. So, with the power of Google, we compiled a list with links to the individual ribfest web sites along with a handy calendar so you can plan your summer's gluttony. Click on a city name in the calendar to see details and a link to its location. Enjoy!

Pickering: June 6 - 8

Niagara Falls: June 13 - 15

Ottawa: June 18 - 22

Gananoque: June 20 - 22

Bowmanville: June 27 - July 1

Toronto: June 27 - July 1

Timmins: June 27 - June 29

Peterborough: July 4-6

Barrie: July 10 - 13

Markham: July 11 - July 13

Sarnia: July 17-20

Mississauga: July 17-20

Kitchener: July 18 - 20

Uxbridge: July 18 - July 20

London: July 31 - August 4

St. Catharines: August 1-4

Scarborough: August 1 - 4

Brockville: August 8 - 10

Woodbridge: August 8-10

Quinte (Belleville): August 15 -17

Northumberland: August 15 -17

Newmarket: August 16

Guelph: August 22 - 24

Burlington: August 29 - September 1

Oshawa: September 5-7


Shell said...

Based on your calendar, I'm going to be enjoying me some ribs several times over the summer. Kitchener, Guelph and Burlington are all less than an hour away from home and from what I hear the Burlington one is spectacular. Lucky for me they're all spaced apart well enough that I can enjoy one, digest it and then be ready for the next one. whoo-hoo!

James said...

Thanks for updating the calendar, now I can enjoy ribs multiple times throughout the GTA.

Kaori said...

You're so welcome!

Anonymous said...

FYI .. Burlington ribfest is Sept 4-7.

Kaori said...

Yup, as said at the top of the popst, the calendar itself is current for 2009, but not the text below it.

Anonymous said...

I heard rumblings of a potential ribfest in Milton, Ontario. Is this true?

Hoping so!!!

Dirty Purdie

Kaori said...

Right you are! First annual Milton Ribfest. Will add to calendar. Thanks!