Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pitbulls on Chowhound

Now, I know the purpose of the Chowhound message board is to provide a forum where anyone can quickly (and anonymously) post small restaurant reviews that can help us all find great, hidden places and be forewarned of ones to stay away from. We all want to have good food experiences. What I am amazed by is how some Chowhound users seem genuinely offended by new restaurants that they feel aren't worthy of being in their neighbourhoods. They take it as a personal attack and do everything they can to cheer on their closure. I don't know where the idea comes from that the owners of restaurants are out to get them. Is it an insecurity that they aren't cool enough to live there either? Whatever it is, the story completely changes when you know the people who work double-shifts to make the best food they can while the pitbulls circle outside and rack their brains for the acidic anecdotes that they'll post later, some without even eating there.

I know that I go out to eat a lot and sit in judgement of every aspect of the experience and write exactly what I think here, so this is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Everyone appreciates honest opinions, but can we relax a little bit and not pretend this all actually matters?


sd said...

I suffer the same frustration with chowhound.
Which post were you referring to?

I probably have atleast 2-5 of my posts deleted every week.

Siri said...

I stopped using chowhounds after being deleted a lot when I posted to the site talk board about whether it was ethical to publish posts in a book form. Check out my complaint here