Saturday, August 30, 2008

Burlington Ribfest: Yes, it IS the best one

So, yes, 'Canada's Largest Ribfest' did turn out to be the best. It was located on a beautiful stretch of lakeshore that offered some much needed cool breezes. The alleyway between the rows of rib stands was enormous allowing for easy browsing, which I didn't do much of because I only had eyes for Carolina Rib King.

I got the pulled pork plate ($8), which included a generous amount of pulled pork, spicy baked beans, creamy coleslaw, and a piece of cornbread. Carolina Rib King doesn't put any sauce at all on their pulled pork so you can add and much or little as you like, mild or spicy, from huge pump containers. It was all so good. I wanted to buy a container of just pork to take home, but they don't sell by the pound. The sauce is available for sale in bottles though.

In addition to the ribbers there were vendors selling every kind of decadent summer food imaginable, including apple pie with ice cream, artisal soda, funnel cake, 'pizza ears', fries, bloomin' onions, butterfly chips, fried veggies, loaded baked potatoes, sausages, cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn, Tiny Tom's donuts, ice cream, and a million more things that I can't remember. Insane.

The problem with having a ribfest with 14 vendors is that you can't possibly taste them all. But you wouldn't regret it if you just went to Carolina Rib King.

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Shell said...

you can ju-u-u-st make out my hat while purchasing the worlds largest soda mug. And you're right about Carolina Rib King. even the baby liked it - and that's one discerning palate!