Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tasty Thursdays: one more to go!

As summer winds down, so does Tasty Thursdays. :( I'm going to miss them. I did really well this year and managed to go to 5 of 8 so far and nothing will keep me from this week's! The question is whether to try something new or go with my favourite. Without doubt, my number one place this year was Kathmandu Restaurant. I tried everything, including the samosas, momos (ground chicken dumplings), tandoori chicken, channa (chickpea curry), and rice. I loved everything. Nice, generous portions a of spicy goodness. If you haven't gone yet and are going this week, you can't go wrong with them.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Edo booth to try the Kobe hotdog and sunomono (seaweed and cucumber salad). I saw these hotdogs at the Gourmet Food and Wine show last year and I thought it's such a waste of Kobe beef. But then I realized that they probably weren't using the filet portion of the cow, if you know what I mean. The hotdog was definitely different in texture and taste from your average weiner. It was a bit pastier. They topped it with sauteed cabbage and I added some Japanese curry sauce and wasabi mayo from the condiment station. It wasn't anything special, but it was a hotdog and how bad can that be?

One two other occasions, I tried the Vaughan Korean BBQ place. They had two main offerings: a BBQ dish (choice of beef or pork) and a chicken stew. Alongside these mains, they gave you lots of free sides, including kimchi, sauteed glass noodles, and blocks of fried tofu. Very generous. The chicken stew was nice, but had what seemed like a slightly cheesy taste? I couldn't pin it down. The BBQ beef was sweet, savoury, and tasty, but beware that you need to eat the whole rib in one bite. The meat is kind of chewy and can't be broken off easily. Only eat this with close friends.

While waiting at Edo for my hotdog, I saw the crabcake and shrimp that were being served at Big Daddy's Crabshack. It looked pretty tiny and stingy to me. The crabcakes were slightly bigger than poker chips and if you order the shrimp you only get two. They're presented atop a scoop of jambalaya rice that doesn't look like it has much in it besides tomato. I shouldn't talk too much smack since I didn't try it, but it didn't look promising.

So everyone have a great last Tasty Thursday. I'll see you there!

Tasty Thursdays
Nathan Philips Square
11AM-2PM, Thursdays until August 28


Shelley said...

I want to be back in Toronto so I can eat out with you again.
Re-heated leftovers at the desk in my fourth bedroom are beyond boring at this point.

k-chan said...

We want you back in Toronto too. And I wish I had a second bedroom, nevermind a fourth!

Shelley said...

if you want to own affordable, multi bedroomed abodes, apparently, all you have to do is move an hour west. *sigh*