Monday, March 9, 2009

Desperate Times Call for Free Beer

My post about the "beerbistro bailout" is up on Torontoist: Had a great dinner at beerbistro at Yonge and King in the name of research. Something I found out that I didn't know before was that everything there is homemade with the exception of corn and flour tortillas. So, they make their own bacon, ham, sausages, sourdough bread, baguettes, buns, condiments, desserts, etc. Incredible.

I only mention the corn dogs and smoked chicken pizza in the post, but we also had the excellent fries and the new chickpea tikka masala. The fries are to die for and in such a generous portion. The masala was served with brown basmati, I think. It was nice and spicy and full of vegetables, but it may not be the most exciting thing on the menu. It's definitely healthy though.

Everything on the winter menu is under $25 so it's affordable luxury. You'll love it.

Many thanks to Marcelo for taking such beautiful pictures for me.

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