Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Got Me On My Knees, Laila

Since I was there anyway, I tried the food at Laila and wrote about it for Torontoist:

I got to meet the cook, Fariha, who has been there ever since Sam opened the place as an Aida's Falafel franchise back in about 1996. She's a Lebanese grandmother who makes everything from scratch with the exception of the baklava. So the hummus, falafel, sauces, stews, and salads are all made fresh. People call her "Speedy Gonzales" because she can work so fast. In addition to doing all the cooking, she manages the ordering and inventory.

I can't believe how cheap this place is considering everything is homemade. I didn't write about it, but Darcy had the shish taouk sandwich and it was full of really good quality chicken breast. They make their sandwiches by lopping off the top of a pocket pita and loading it up instead of wrapping it, so there's quite a bit in there. My personal preference is for pitas that are wrapped, so I'll probably stick to the plates.

On our way out we picked up some tabouli, which she told us is really good. I love how proud she is of her food.

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