Monday, March 5, 2007

Coming to you not from Las Vegas

Well, our client in Vegas is having a hard time deciding if and when they want us to visit. So, I'm currently waiting for their decision. I was supposed to be there this week, but it got changed to the week after, then perhaps midweek to midweek, etc. So, I'm not holding my breath. Either way it is fine because work has been quite busy since the new year, and I could use a little down time.

On the bright side, it forced me to go out and buy new clothes, which I hardly ever do. I usually wear things to death and then all of a sudden notice that the jacket I have on is from 1999.

I'm supposed to go skating tonight with Diane at Nathan Philips Square, but the temperature is dropping, it's snowing, and the wind is gusting at 63km/h. We're going to do an assessment at 4:30PM and decide then, but Diane is a brave girl so I think we'll probably nut up and go. I love skating outside in the winter. And skating on the rink at Nathan Philips Square surrounded on all sides by the glittering office towers is as close to Rockefeller Centre as I'm going to get. And it's free.

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