Monday, March 5, 2007

Skate while you can! Rinks close on March 18th.

So, I found out this afternoon that most outdoor skating rinks, including Nathan Philips Square, will be closing for the season on March 18. So, -19°C or not, we had to go tonight.

The great thing about skating in -19°C weather is that the rink is practically deserted. Even the skating 'lifeguard' guy was huddled next to the changeroom building. But, it was beautiful and sunny, and skating is a great way to catch up with a friend without spending a penny.

Pretty much anyone you talk to in Toronto hates winter, but I love it. When we were in India, I fantasized about clean, cold winter air. Even though spring is around the corner, we've been getting some pretty crazy weather over the past week. Last Thursday, we had a great blizzard that bad enough for my company to send us home at 3pm. I stayed until 5 anyways to avoid the congestion (everyone leaves at 3PM on a snow day), and took some videos of the storm downtown, in Bloor West Village, and in our neighbourhood. To see them, click the links.

In the dead of winter (late Jan-early Feb), Toronto holds a winter festival. This year, as part of the festival, they had an exhibit called Paintings Below Zero, which was housed outside in a tent next to the rink at Nathan Philips Square. While the exhibit was on, Diane and I had our first skating date of the season, so I took some pictures, which I hadn't posted yet. The pieces were all basically coloured ice, which was pretty but not as spectacular as ice sculptures. Nevertheless, the pictures came out great, so I thought you all might like to see them.

Winter is officially over on March 21, so enjoy while you can. I know that sounds obnoxious, but I mean it! Drink in that fresh air.

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