Monday, March 12, 2007

Made it to Las Vegas

It's 3am Toronto time, but somehow I am still awake. Young Jeff and I are safe and sound in the larger-than- life MGM Grand Hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

The flight was a piece o' cake (less than 4 hours). This was my first time on WestJet and let me tell you that those commercials about how friendly the attendants are is not propaganda -- it's true. It's so disorienting after taking Air Canada for so long. I dozed through most of the flight listening to Woody Allen standup on my iPod. I find him very soothing.

I lucked out and was seated on the right (starboard) side of the plane that had a great view of the strip as we were landing. I took a short video of it and uploaded it to YouTube. Sorry I didn't zoom in further. At one point, you'll see an enormous green-lit hotel and that's where I am as we speak. The entire building is bathed in green spotlights, so when you enter your room there is an alien glow.

As soon as you step of the plane in Vegas, there are slot machines right there in the airport. In the arrivals area. I guess some people can't wait to start.

The MGM Grand, from what I have seen so far, is enormous. the check-in desk is 100 yards long and has a wall of screens behind the clerks advertising the shows that are playing. It's very weird to be travelling on business to a place where people go to have fun. Hopefully, we'll have time for fun too.

My hotel room is very modern, clean, and comfortable. There are black and white movie posters on the walls to keep me company and the room is tastefully decorated. I have a great view of the other hotels on the strip, but it's hard to see at night because of the green glow. I bet it will look smashing tomorrow morning.

Well, I have to meet Jeff in 6 hours to hunt down breakfast, so I'd better get to bed. I hope Jeff will be as patient with the incessant picture taking as Marcelo was when we were in India. So far he has been a doll. Goodnight all.

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