Saturday, March 10, 2007

Leaving (for) Las Vegas...

Well, after all my naysaying, the trip is back on. I leave tomorrow (Sunday) at 8:45PM and come back next Saturday on the 'red eye' at 7AM. Our client made the final decision just this Thursday, so I'm rushing around trying to get ready. In that way, it feels a lot like preparing for the India trip. So, today will be full of laundry, packing, getting US cash, and rushing out to the store for last-minute things. Hopefully, tomorrow will just be going for a run with Darcy and prepping to meet the client. What we will actually be doing there is a little fuzzy, so it's hard to prepare for. I'm trying not to work myself into a frenzy.

It's still unconfirmed where we will be staying in Las Vegas. The last I heard was that it could be MGM Grand, which looks very swank and very Vegas (the hotel has 3000 rooms), or Circus Circus, which sounds just insane, doesn't it? It has an RV park and houses the 'World's Largest Permanent Circus'. I can't even fathom this.

So, I'd better get to it. I hope to have Internet access from my hotel room, so I'll try to take pictures and blog while I'm there. Have a great week everyone.

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