Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cheap lunches in Bloor West Village: Falafel World and Astra Deli

I have eaten out so much this week. After I got back from getting my hair cut, I was starving and so was Darcy so I met him in Bloor West Village and we went to Falafel World to get me a chicken shawarma sandwich. It's my new favourite thing. For $5 you get a fresh pita stuffed with shaved roasted chicken, cabbage salad, lettuce, and tomato and topped with garlic and hot sauces. It's the complete food. I love it. It's the closest thing we have found to a Montreal shish taouk.

Apparently, Falafel World has been there for something like 20 years and I can see why. It's so good and cheap. And it's a family business, so it feels good to support them. Although, by no means do they need our business. No matter when we go, the place is always busy. But, the service is super fast so you'll never wait long.

Darcy was in the mood for a barbecued sausage from Astra Deli, so I braved the line-up and the cranky barbecue mistress to get him one (Darcy can't stand crowds). Barbecuing and selling sausages in front of Astra Deli must be the worst job in the world because no matter who is manning the grill, they're always in a horrible mood. They've been doing this for years and years, but the system sorely needs some process improvement. They have one person grilling and taking the money, so she has to handle both (ew!). They keep the take-out containers inside so if you need one, you have to go in and get it yourself. They don't have the price posted anywhere so the griller has to say '$2.75' like a million times per day. And the line-up always forms in front of the condiments so after you have your sausage, you have to fight through everyone to dress your dog. They're really good though. What's a little hassle for a great sausage on a bun?

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