Friday, May 4, 2007

Mamma's Pizza for dinner

Well, since I had spinach and mushroom salad and soda water for lunch on Thursday, I was due for some Mamma's pizza for dinner that night. Darcy has been housebound for the better part of the week with a sore ankle (he woke up one day and it hurt and then we ran for 6 miles -- don't be like us!) so he was due for a treat. I've had more than enough treats this week, but what is one more?

Mamma's Pizza is a pretty big Toronto chain (23 stores in the GTA). I hadn't tried Mamma's until a couple of weekends ago when Darcy and I got slices there on a Sunday after being disappointed that Falafel World was closed. It's thin crust, floppy, tomatoey pizza with finely chopped toppings. We love it.

Our favourite pizza is what is called an 'All Dressed' pizza in Montreal, which is pepperoni, mushrooms, and green pepper. When I first moved to Ontario (Waterloo), I order an 'all dressed' pizza and ended up with a pizza that had almost everything on the menu. Yikes.

Mamma's pizza is great. It's especially good when you get a slice at the store and they warm it up for you in the pizza oven. The bottom gets all crispy and delicious. Sigh.

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