Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mississauga Half Marathon

Well, we did it. Koto and I ran the Mississauga Half Marathon today in this beautiful weather. Darcy hurt his foot a couple of weeks ago, so he had to sit out (poor Darcy). He sweetly drove us there, hung onto our stuff while we ran, and took some great pictures. This one has the winner of the full marathon, Predrag Mladenovic (2:23), in it. He's the guy with the neon yellow singlet.

This was my second half marathon and I managed to improve my time by about 5 minutes, but I am absolutely destroyed. In the Toronto Half Marathon in October, I felt great and had lots of energy after the race. This time, the last 5k felt like a death march and I had to cheer myself on to keep going (you can do it!). The last km looped around a pond so you could see the finish way before you got there and I almost cried because it looked so far. Next time, I'll have to train harder. I really did do a sort of half-assed training program this time.

As soon as we got home, Darcy ran out and bought Alexander Keith's beer (for him and Koto) and KFC for all of us. KFC is Koto and Darcy's guilty pleasure. Me, I'm a pizza a girl but I dove in anyways.

I'm so glad I am taking tomorrow off. I predict the entire day will be spent in pain with my feet up. I may have to acquire a scooter to get around.

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