Thursday, April 29, 2010

We ate everything on the menu at Amuse-Bouche

After hearing the sad news that Amuse-Bouche is closing, we immediately booked a table for Tapas Tuesday. Our seating was early (6PM)—good thing because the evening turned into a decadent 3-hour long feast where we got to sample every single item on the menu. We hadn't planned it that way, but just before diving into the arduous task of deciding what to eat, the waiter saved us by suggesting we share some multi-course tasting menus in order to have a little of all sixteen dishes. Who could say no? This is what we ate:

Ham croquette
Ham and wild leek croquette with smoked apple compote—a wonderful, crispy start

Baby beet salad
Baby beet salad, fried capers, Baco Noir reduction—fresh and spring-like

Ontario beef carpaccio
Ontario beef carpaccio with truffle vinaigrette—Liana's favourite

House–smoked salmon tartare
House–smoked salmon tartare with potato confit—creamy and decadent

Bajan fish cakes
Bajan fish cakes with Amuse-Bouche tartar sauce and black Hungarian pepper sauce—hearty, satisfying, and conveniently portioned for the five of us

Ricotta and carrot gnocchi
Ricotta and carrot gnocchi with Uncle John's parmesan hollandaise and baby vegetables—so smooth and delicious; my favourite

Duck confit poutine
Duck confit poutine with house pickles—Darryl's favourite

Duck and lamb chorizo
Homemade duck and lamb chorizo with crispy polenta—lots of meaty texture

Garlic and nori–encrusted salmon
Garlic and nori–encrusted salmon—I ate the lion's share of this; yum!

BC prawn ravioli in lobster bisque
BC prawn ravioli in lobster bisque—rich shrimp and lobster flavours

Wild garlic–encrusted BC herring
Wild garlic–encrusted BC herring with lemon aioli—delicious little fried fish

Seared Scallops
Pan–seared Qualicum scallop with fennel and orange confit—light and tasty

Rainbow trout
Giggie's pan–seared rainbow trout with Savoy cabbage and carrot emulsion—great crispy crust

Butter-poached haddock
Butter-poached Nova Scotia haddock with leek fondue and beurre blanc—velvety sauce with fresh fish

Pork tenderloin
Ontario Yorkshire pork tenderloin with mushroom fricassee—generous amount of tender pork; loved the straw mushrooms

Beef bavette
Cumbrae's grilled bavette with beurre maitre d'hotel and 100km potato—lovely, rare beef with crispy on the outside; soft on the inside potatoes

Duck breast
Everspring Farm roasted duck breast with spaetzle—generous amount of high quality duck

Amuse-Bouche cheese
Pecorino Toscano and Brie—sharp, hard Toscano with mild, soft Brie

Amuse-Bouche Desserts
Front row (L-R): Flourless chocolate cake with candied orange, hazelnut chocolate mousse, berry mousse, macaron with chocolate. Back row (L-R): Gianduja parfait, white chocolate and apple crumble, lime and apricot panna cotta, creme brulee—everything fantastic, especially the Gianduja

The whole experience was magnificent. Even though we didn't tell the waiter it was a birthday dinner, he noticed the cards and gifts on the table and put candles in the dessert. So sweet. And the cost of all this luxurious food (for five people) plus one glass of wine each?: $270 before tip.


Unknown said...

I love your pictures! Keep it up!

Kaori said...

Aw, thank you!

Ayngelina said...

Great shots, you really don't need me anymore do you?

When are you going to the new place?

Kaori said...

Aw, thanks, but they're nowhere near yours. Thanks for reminding me. I've been meaning to go there.

I can't believe it's been 5 months already that you've been away! Miss you!