Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I can't believe I went to see Weird Al. He was fantastic.

Okay, so it was totally Darcy's idea to go, but I had an amazing time. Weird Al played for two solid hours, had like 20 different costumes, great effects and lighting, and hilarious interlude videos that played while the set/Al was being changed. What I don't think people realize is that he's a great singer and performer. He has a distinctive voice, but he changes it to mimic every song and he's always pitch perfect. And his lyrics are brilliant.

The crowd was a mix of people of all ages. I loved the superfans who made their own fan t-shirts and knew even the most obscure stuff. It's so heartbreaking, in a good way, to see people really enjoying themselves at a performance. Song parodies might seem silly, but it makes for a fantastic show. If nothing else, you should check out to his medley of pop songs called 'Polkarama' done in polka style with accordian music.

I was concerned when I bought the tickets that they were 'obstructed view'. They turned out to be really great seats. We were in the right side balcony (RSB), row I, seats 100 and 101. These two seats make up the entire row so you don't have to climb over anyone and no one has to climb over you (perfect for Darcy). You can see 85% of the stage really well and centerstage is always visible. I'm going to seek out these seats every time I go to a show at Massey Hall.

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