Friday, July 13, 2007

Our First Toronto Argonauts Game

The President & CEO of my company very generously gave me tickets to see last night's Argos vs. Stampeders game at the Rogers Centre (formerly the Skydome). The Argos kicked the ass of the Stampeders 48-15 and the game was full of action: 7 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and a huge bench-clearing brawl.

I think all the people around us were long-time season ticket holders, so they all knew each other from attending these games. That's such an interesting relationship. I love seeing the superfans who are decked out in facepaint and wigs and wave homemade signs, hoping to get on the big screen.

Darcy and I don't usually follow much CFL, which is a shame. We're huge NFL New England Patriots fans. We watch NFL football every Sunday during the season and are consumed by each game. We tried to figure out why we're crazy for the NFL and a team that is in Boston when we have a team right here that we could get tickets for at any time. I think it's about the how the NFL promotes the league and its players. You really get to know the players and coaches and get invested in the team. I suppose I could do the same for the Argos, couldn't I?

It was a fun game. The Grey Cup is going to be in Toronto this year. I'm no CFL expert, but if last night is any indication, we could go all the way.

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